About the School

Entrepreneur High School (ehigh) will bring a unique educational experience to a city that is known for being unique. With a program built on the premise that high school graduates should be both college and career ready, eHigh guides students through courses that prepare them for life after high school – regardless of where their passions take them. The world is changing rapidly, and schools have to change with it.


Analyzing Text & Data

The ability to analyze text and data to extract information and build understanding.


The act of persuasively presenting an idea.


The art of describing ideas, processes, and information in a narrative form.


The process of testing, evaluating, progress, and changing based on results.


The act of creating an initial version of a product or service to gather data and feedback.

Thinking Visually

The ability to use visual and graphic representations to motivate and demonstrate thinking.


The ability to generate ideas to innovate and solve problems.

Providing Feedback

The process of evaluating products and processes and providing constructive information as a basis for improvement.

Working in Teams

The act of working collaboratively with others toward a collective outcome.


The act of gathering information, thoughts, and opinions through questioning and listening to others.


The process of thinking deeply about past action and performance.


The ability to organize ideas, data and information in written form.



This year introduces 9th grade students to the 12 entrepreneurial skills – the foundation of an eHigh education. Students learn basic research skills by completing a SWOT analysis of the local community and wider region. Students complete skills/interest surveys to determine their topics of interest and the types of activities/professions that best match their personalities. Ultimately, students take a survey course in which they learn about all of the pathways the school has to offer: 1) Start a Business, 2) Hospitality & Tourism, 3) Marketing, and 4) Information Technology. Students also take a course in Financial Literacy.


Students begin their introductory pathway courses based on the choice they made during their 9th grade year. Students are also assigned to mentors from partner businesses or organizations. In addition, students are eligible to take introductory career and technical education college courses through our dual enrollment partnership with the local college.


Students begin internships with one of eHigh’s internal businesses that are connected to the pathways. Students take intermediate level pathway (CTE) courses, as well as have the opportunity to take any college courses they are interested in through the local college. All pathway (CTE) courses have an end of the year culminating project that will be show cased to the school and community.


Students continue to work in internships and to have the opportunity to take any college courses that interest them through our higher education partner. Students take advanced level pathway (CTE) courses. All students present an end of the year portfolio as part of their senior defense.


  • Numerous guest speakers from every career field tied to our pathways
  • Mock interviews
  • Job skills training and workshops
  • Field trips to local and regional businesses and community organizations
  • College trips